Health and fitness are not just something you do--it's a way of life. Make small changes today, for a better life tomorrow.

You too can live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Los Angeles Parks are a great place to go running, try yoga, or any other kind of fitness program you can think of.

Fitness in California State Parks

California’s national and state parks offer some of the most iconic views in the planet. Luckily, it is possible to explore those views while at the same time you exercise; it’s a classic case of having your cake and eating it. Here is how you can achieve this in some of the parks

Death valley National park

With a name like that, this sounds like a place that should be avoided by all means, but don’t let the name fool you. You can participate in the Badwater Ultramarathon,a 135-mile race held across the valley in mid-July. The exercises you perform in preparation for this event and the actual event can help you lose weight or just stay fit. First time visitors are amazed by the desert’s vivid colors and you can enjoy them after the race too.

Mt. San Jacinto State Park

The summit of Mt. San Jacinto is the highest point in California’s state park system. You can hike through granite Mountains covered with pines, meadows and springs up the mountain and enjoy the panoramic view.

Grover Hot Springs State Park

Staying healthy sometimes means just unwinding. A soothing soak in the therapeutic green waters of the Grover Hot Springs state park is as relaxing as it gets. There is a hot pool fed by six mineral springs and a refreshing cool pool. There is almost no pungent scent of sulfur in this pool, unlike what is common in most hot pools. You can also hike to the Hot Springs Creek waterfall for extra exercise while you are there.

Pismo Beach State Beach

This is the home to the Pismo clam, the largest in California. You can try your luck at clamming, or the other seaside activities, which this beach has plenty of, such as golfing, fishing, swimming, walking the nature trails or just soaking in the sun on the beach.

Yoga classes in Prospect Heights

There are some great Prospect heights yoga classes available at Pura Vida Urban Fitness in the Brooklyn area. Yoga can help you relieve stress and anxiety while strengthening your body in a multitude of ways. If you try yoga today at Pura Vida, you can get your first class for only $10.

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